Introducing We The Wild – Sustainable Plant Care Products with a Purpose

We The Wild is a new product line that the Barn Owl is extremely excited to carry. For decades, the Barn Owl has been promoting sustainable and organic gardening -our mission and our passion. Now we have found a product aligned with those same gardening goals.

We The Wild produces 100% certified organic plant care products with 100% traceable ingredients with 100% sustainability. This Australian- based company will plant a new bush or tree for every product purchased with the hope of restoring the fire-ravaged countryside. They are putting money where their heart is! Their three main products are a great way to focus on every aspect of the health and growth of your houseplants without having to use any synthetic chemicals.

Enrich Powder

This powder is a mix of beneficial fungi and key microorganisms. Introducing this powder to your soil will increase the plants’ ability to absorb critical nutrients while also increasing the plants’ resistance to disease and stress. It works well if you are transplanting, working in poor soil, or are looking to help increase the plant’s root growth.

Grow Concentrate

The Grow Concentrate is a concentrated fertilizer that does not need to intimidate you. This liquid fertilizer is something you just mix in your watering can as you. It has the correct amount of nutrients to feed the plant, and when paired with the Enrich powder the plant is able to take up the complete offering of nutrients. That means this fertilizer is not jam-packed with salts and Nitrogen, thus eliminating the risk of causing damage from overfertilization. Also, thanks to the worms this product has no odor, making it really easy to use indoors!

Protect Spray

The protect spray is a 3-in-1 product. This neem oil-based product can act as a natural insecticide and fungicide. It will kill any insect or its eggs that may be looking to make a meal out of your plant, and it also can create a coating on the leaf that prevents any fungus from grabbing onto the leaves. The other significant part about the Protect Spray is that it is also used as a leaf cleaner. It has liquid worm casting, myrtle oils, and eucalyptus oils. This will help make the leaf shine and create an extended barrier on the leaf to help keep the plant looking clean and prevent any unwanted pests from latching on. This product will make all the plants in your house worthy of an Instagram post!

Bonus! Plant Cleaning Gloves

Cleaning leaves on plants can be quite a chore, and finding the sweet spot of how hard to scrub on the foliage without damaging it can be tough. We the Wild must have also felt this pain, as they have made plant-cleaning gloves to make your magic touch that much more accessible and more effective! Their commitment to sustainability and recycling is also reflected in these gloves as the microfibers are made from recycled ocean plastics. Nice touch!

We The Wild offers an excellent solution for plant lovers who want to care for their houseplants sustainably and organically. We The Wild’s commitment to sustainability is inspiring, as they plant a new tree or bush for every product purchased, helping to restore the fire-ravaged countryside. By choosing We The Wild, you’re not only taking care of your plants, but you’re also contributing to a healthier planet. Give your plants the care they deserve with We The Wild’s sustainable plant care products.

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