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Making Our Community More Beautiful, One Garden at a Time

Barn Owl 20 year anniversary team

One Garden

at a Time

Sprouting Garden Wonders, Planting Smiles Since 2003! At Barn Owl, we’ve been there for our local customers, tackling all kinds of lawn and garden projects. From indoor plants to total garden makeovers, we’ve got you covered. Our mission? Making our community more beautiful, one garden at a time!

We’re passionate about creating a sustainable Earth for everyone. That’s why we encourage adding a little green to your life. Need help with plant selection or supplies? Our team is here, ready to make your plants thrive and fulfill all your gardening needs! Feeling overwhelmed? Just remember, all it takes is a single plant to get started.

So let’s dive into the garden adventure together! With Barn Owl by your side, we’ll transform our community into a blooming paradise. Let your green thumb shine, because the possibilities are endless!

Sustainable Gardening

It’s all about giving back to mother nature.

Ask us how to make your garden more sustainable! We can help you adopt greener alternatives, reduce chemicals, and work with the environment to plan a more sustainable garden. Your plants will thank you.
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