4 Low Maintenance Houseplants to Brighten Your Home

These dreary days of winter can really make you daydream of warmer times. Sadly, we can’t time travel to Summer, nor can we escape to a tropical island. There is, however, one quick fix to chase away the blues – a houseplant! Did you know that most houseplants are native to the tropics? So by buying a houseplant you’re bringing the tropics into your home.

These “tropical” plants cannot only live in our midwestern homes during winter, they can thrive and bring you immense joy! Missing a green thumb? Not to worry there are many low maintenance houseplants to choose from that provide ease of care and beauty to your home. These plants not only are nice to look at but they also add character to your interior, provide a positive distraction to winter blues and help to clean the air inside your home!

With so many options to pick from, the tricky part is finding the right low maintenance plant. The good news is this is much easier than finding a roommate that is low maintenance! Below are four of my favorite varieties that are distinctly beautiful and are low fuss.


Also known as snake plant, this plant comes in so many varieties, but caring for it remains the same throughout. This plant does not need much watering, typically every 2 to 3 weeks, or letting the soil dry completely out before giving it a good drench. These can do anywhere from bright light, to indirect light (its preference) all the way to lowlight areas. Also, it is comfortable in dry areas, which many of our houses tend to be when we are trying to warm them.

Ponytail Palms

Ponytail Palms are another one that won’t be mad at you if you skip a watering. These cool tree looking plants just want to relax and sit in front of a window. The bulbous trunk stores water for the plant, so it doesn’t need much watering, usually every two weeks. It’s funky shape and disposition is really eye-catching and they tend to be small enough to be a nice plant for any bright spot in your house.


There are plenty of cool and interesting Philodendron types coming in many colors, shapes and sizes, but the two that I’d recommend are Philodendron Brasil and the famous ‘Monstera.’ The Brasil makes a good hanging houseplant, with really pretty foliage that is a nice mix between green and chartreuse. While The Monstera produces some epic and beautiful leaves that can really make a statement in any corner. Both of these do like much water, about once a week or when the top quarter of the soil dries out. They also will be happy in indirect light. These are two very different looking plants with similar requirements, so it makes it easy when you plan to bring them into your home!




These Plants have some beautiful foliage, as well as an upright nature that really can be a stat

ement. There are many varieties, but the foliage is stunning shades of green along with dapples of white. Dieffenbachia look for water about once a week, or when the top couple inches of the soil becomes dry. Much like the Philodendrons, they are a forgiving plant and will bounce back quickly once they get a drink. As far as light goes they are happy with indirect light, so either in a room near a window, or a room where you have the lights on constantly. Just be sure not to put them in direct sun or that pretty foliage could get scorched. These plants can vary in size and when happy can grow quickly and the eye popping foliage will jump out in any room!

The key with any plant is creating a schedule for watering. Once you figure out the climate and the needs in your house it truly is easy to not only keep your new plant buddies alive, but to allow them to thrive! Do you have any favorite easy houseplants? We would love to hear from you.

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