12 Week Farm Share


Discover Farm Share, a sustainable farming initiative connecting you directly to local agriculture. Invest in a share of produce to enjoy regular shipments of fresh, seasonal goods from a nearby farm. Embrace eco-consciousness and community bonds as you support fair compensation and sustainable practices. Get a diverse array of farm-fresh products, from corn to berries. Subscribe for a 12-week delivery plan and pick up your hand-packed bag every Saturday morning.

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What is Farm Share? Farm Share is a sustainable farming initiative where individuals or families invest in a local farm by purchasing a share of its produce. Members enjoy regular shipments of fresh, seasonal goods directly from the farm, fostering a symbiotic relationship that connects consumers with local agriculture, supporting fair compensation and sustainable practices.

Program Features:

  • Diverse array of farm-fresh products, including corn, peaches, tomatoes, apples, berries, and pickled items.
  • Promotes environmental consciousness and strengthens community ties through a shared commitment to local food systems.

How it Works:

  1. Subscribe for a 12-week delivery plan using your Market bag.
  2. Pickup or delivery every Saturday morning.
  3. Each week, receive a hand-packed bag of the freshest produce via Uber Eats or pickup at The Barn Owl.

First Distribution Date: Estimated Mid July, 2024

Missed Pickups: Unclaimed boxes will be donated to a local food pantry charity. No substitutions for dates or locations, and pickup date changes are not allowed.


Additional Benefits:

  • Receive a reusable Market bag at the first pickup.
  • Exclusive invitations to Barn Owl events, such as the annual end-of-season open house.
  • Bi-weekly letters during the season with tips on the contents, upcoming items, and usage suggestions.

Early Bird Sign-up Bonuses:

  • By April 15: $40 in-store credit
  • By May 01: $30 in-store credit
  • By May 15: $20 in-store credit
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