Just Starting with Succulents

As the long, cold days continue to push on, it is nice to have some plants growing in the house to help bring some cheer to these cold days. It can be intimidating though to figure out the various needs of indoor plants – that’s where succulents enter the picture! These guys are as laid back and easy going as plants come and can be a great way to introduce yourself to what can be quite the obsessive pastime of collecting house plants.


As I said before, these guys are one of the most laid back plants you can have in your house. They don’t need to be watered a lot. Most succulents are found naturally in arid environments so that’s all you have to mimic. They should be watered every two weeks or once the soil is dry all the way through. We can check this by putting our finger deep in the soil and if it comes out dry then we know it’s time to water. These guys don’t like to be watered frequently though they do need to be watered thoroughly once the soil dries out. Think of it like a storm rolling through the desert. Also, be sure to water around the plant and not on top of it. This will ensure moisture doesn’t get trapped in the plant which can cause it to rot.

Amount of Light

Now there are very few plants in the world that can survive without any light at all. That being said, succulents would be happy in a low-light window, a room that has some indirect light (natural light that is filtered or obstructed but can still make its way to the plant) or even a room that has some nice artificial light (light that is not coming from the sun). In total, these guys will need at minimum a half day (6 hours) of light though the more you can give them the better.


There are so many varieties of succulents, and they come in all colors, shapes and characteristics. Some popular ones are: echeveria, jade, kalanchoe (my favorite) and many, many more. The sheer variety of options makes it easy to customize the look to your taste. We can also plant all these together and make quite a colorful, textured planter. Succulents make that easy because we know that all these guys will be needing the same type of care.

Bonus Plants!!

The added bonus to having these guys is they are super easy to propagate, or grow a new plant, from a cutting or a leaf. This means you can take a leaf or a piece of the plant and place it shallowly into the soil and the plant will begin to root. This can allow you to quickly fill a planter or just add to the collection.


Having plants indoors doesn’t need to be intimidating and starting with succulents is a great way to get your feet wet. These plants make it easy to have some life around the house, and they ask relatively little from you. If any of you already have some of these guys growing in your house please share some pictures to show off how much fun they can be!

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