Don’t Snub the Shrub | Part 4

Shrubs for every season

In this blog series Don’t Snub the Shrub, our expert gardeners will provide a variety of tips on ways to incorporate shrubs into your space.

Unlike perennials, for the most part, shrubs tend to offer more throughout the seasons so gardeners, go ahead and get greedy! Flowers in Spring? Sign me up! Foliage that changes with the cool fall days? Yep! Beautiful fruit that adds summer and winter color? Okay! Winter wonders that offer beauty and bring the birds? Stop, I can’t take it! 

A lot of times, we want what we see blooming instantly. That means Lilacs in the spring, Rose of Sharon in the summer and so on. That is great and we truly love the plants that give us a big bang when they flower; however don’t forget the shrubs that offer beauty throughout the year – some of our favorites include:




Shrubs can provide a lot of different things for us throughout the year. It could attract birds, maybe even grow edible fruit that you like or give some color to our dreary winter days. When planning your garden it is important to think about what plant is good for your space, but it is fun to think about what you’d enjoy to put in your garden as well!

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