Discover the Benefits of Purple Cow’s CX-1: The Ultimate Organic Plant Booster

Purple Cow has been a staple at the Barn Owl for some time now. Their activated compost has been a game changer for many organic gardeners. It is packed with nutrients and beneficial microbes and fungi. Well this year we are excited to carry their new product, CX-1. This takes much of the wonderful biology Purple Cow is known for and turns it into a turbocharged liquid additive called “Life in a Bottle”. CX-1 puts a spectrum of minerals and living biology into the soil.

There are several benefits to this:

  • It increases nutrient uptake in the plant. This means less need to fertilize as more nutrients will be readily available for the plant.
  • It will help with drought tolerance. Bateria will not only help strengthen the root system but will also help maintain and hold water during the dry months.
  • CX-1 can help the plant take up enzymes, carbohydrates, and amino acids when done correctly. This will help strengthen the plant to protect it from disease better and help fill it with beneficial enzymes, carbohydrates, and amino acids – all of which are key to our health. When using this with various fruits, herbs, and vegetables.
  • This product is created using sustainable and plant-based ingredients. So, if you are a vegan gardener. This is a great option as you need not worry about animal byproducts or questionable chemicals when applying.
  • It is a completely organic nutrient that can help the long-term structure of your soil!

What makes CX-1 different from other microbial fertilizers is that these microbes are in a dormant state. The benefit is that this helps guarantee that the hundreds of microbe genera in CX-1 are alive and ready to roll when you use it. Lastly, it is extremely economical compared to similar products and is something you can almost instantly benefit from.

The microbes in CX-1 do great things, like grab nematodes within the soil, promote phosphorus uptake and help block pathogens.

When it comes to using CX-1, you will need to add something alongside it with chlorothalonil to awaken the microbes from the dormant state (This would be different than when you are using a product with active microbes).

The three recommended additives would be:

  1. Molasses (this is if you are already on a fertilization schedule and would be at risk of burning your plant)
  2. Fish emulsion
  3. Purple Cow BioActive SuperCharger.

The SuperCharger will be the easiest to use as it guarantees the complete spectrum of nutrients for the plant and when combining it with the CX-1 you will see a considerable difference in the growth and heartiness of the plant!

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