Buzz Off Mosquitos! Tips to a Mosquito-Less Outdoor Space

Summer is here and with our long warm lazy days come with some pesky issues that always seem to pop up with the heat. In our next blog series we’ll provide some helpful tips to keep plant pests and mosquitos at bay and ways to keep your garden growing in dry months so you can enjoy your outdoor space in the summer.

Today we’re tackling mosquitos, nothing ruins a lovely summer barbecue quite like these needle nosed pests. So what can we do to make sure we don’t have any gatecrashers this summer?

Meet them where they are: Mosquitoes love still water, so keep an eye out for potential breeding grounds like birdbaths, puddles, and ponds around your property. Empty and refill birdbaths frequently or use water wigglers to keep the water moving. If you have a pond, consider using BT, a bacteria that targets mosquito larvae. Additionally, regularly mow your lawn to discourage mosquitoes from lounging around and mating.

Plan your gathering spot strategically: If you love hanging out on your back porch, make it a mosquito-unfriendly zone. Place items like Citronella geraniums, lemon grass, and light candles to create scents that mask your presence. Adding a fan will not only create a pleasant breeze but also deter mosquitoes, as they dislike battling against the wind.

Think before you spray: While fogging or large-scale yard sprays may seem like a quick fix, remember that they can harm beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, and fireflies. Instead, opt for targeted spraying in specific areas, such as underneath decks or around playgrounds, where mosquitoes are most problematic. By doing so, you’ll minimize the impact on pollinators and other beneficial insects that contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

We have battled all winter to enjoy our wonderful summers, so let’s not let a few yard problems weigh them down. Whether it is the first fresh cut peony of the year or the lazy summer nights with the fireflies, let’s all enjoy the outdoor time we worked so hard to get to! For more summer tips check out our blog post on Watering Well and Pesky Plant Pests.