August: Barn Owl Monthly To-Do List

Every feel a lost or behind on what you should be doing with your lawn and garden? We understand and we’ve seen many people rush to get bulbs planted, insecticides purchase, seeds planted and more last minute. Each month, we’ll teach you when to do almost everything in the garden—from planting to pruning shrubs, to amending garden soil and repotting houseplants.

August is a busy month for most gardeners. For the first half of the month, we’re still fighting off heat waves, insects, and drought. For the second half, you might still be battling all three and you’re prepping for the transition to fall. August is all about survival and transition. So, what should you be doing in the month of August for your lawn and garden? Below is your monthly checklist for what you should be focusing on and prepping you for the fall and winter ahead.

1. Anticipate Heat Waves and Humidity

  • It’s August and we know that it gets hot. In the Midwest especially, we’re also dealing with the humidity. Try to get your work done on the days most pleasant for working outdoors. If the weather does not permit that, then try to get out there early in the morning or in the evening when things.
  • Unfortunately, the heat and humidity of mid-summer bring with them plant diseases. Be sure to inspect your plants for any diseased foliage now, remove it, and dispose of it properly. Remember to not put in the compost pile! Make sure to disinfect your tools, like pruners, between each plant to avoid spreading disease to healthy plants.

2. Watering is Crucial

  • Protect your investment in your plants. Keep them adequately watered and water them deeply – a slow, deep watering once a week is much more beneficial than several light sprinklings. During dry periods, soak your plants with enough water to moisten the soil 8-10 inches deep.
  • Avoid getting leaves wet in the direct sun and avoid soaking containers during the hottest part of the day. If you can, try to water before 9:00 AM, and if you can’t water in the morning, aim for watering in the early evening, to avoid letting the water sit all night. Letting the water sit all night can cause mildew and disease.
  • Remember if you’re catching the last vacation of the summer to have a plan to keep your plants properly watered.

3. Lookout for Insect Pests

  • Thrips, aphids, tomato hornworm, spider mites, cucumber beetles, scale, snails and slugs all show up this time of year. If you’re monitoring for spider mite activity, just hose these guys off with a strong spray of water.
  • Search for C-shaped notches on the edges of the leaves of your perennials, bedding plants vegetables and herbs such as dahlias, roses, basil or coleus that are caused by Asiatic Beetles.
  • It important to eliminate sources of stagnant water if you’re looking to control mosquitoes. Try cleaning bird baths and pet’s outdoor dishes often.

4. Harvest Veggies and Berries Regularly/ Start Fall Veggies

  • In August, you can harvest most garden vegetables and fruits – blueberries you can harvest all month. Apples, peaches, muskmelons, watermelons, everbearing strawberries, plums, pears – there all coming late August! Remember to enjoy the fruits and flowers of your labor.
  • Your onions and potatoes will be ready to harvest soon, so keep a close eye on them! Start fall and winter veggies of green onions, carrots, spinach, and lettuce. Sow or plant starts early in the month.

5. Pay attention to the Annuals you bought in July!

Those bargain annuals that you bought back in July should be looking healthy by now. Keep them watered and insect-free so that, whenever the worst of summer’s heat seems to have subsided, they will be ready for use in the fall.

6. Start Shopping and Think About Fall Colors

  • Begin shopping for bulbs that will produce you spring blooms! While you’re shopping, you’ll also need to buy garlic bulbs. You can plant them both during the fall and have a beautiful array of spring flowers. Plus, you’ll have a nice harvest of garlic too.
  • Spring flowers might be dying off by this time, so it’s good to think about Fall favorites like Mums, Asters and Cabbage. Think about the pinks, oranges and reds that will go perfectly with the Fall colors.

August has a lot going on, but if you can keep your garden cared for, properly watered and transitioning to fall bulbs and colors, you should be set for a great fall harvest and spring garden. Be sure to follow us on social media for announcements on our new shipments and products.

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