Achieve a Beautiful Lawn All Summer Long with Drought Beater Seed Mix

Growing a green lush lawn could be a rewarding challenge. Some of us are up for the challenge, others not so much! Regardless of where you stand, lawn maintenance can be an endless cycle. First, the seed goes down in Spring, and we watch and wait for the spots to be filled with healthy green grass. Then comes the heat and dry spells of the mid-Summer, and we see the return of those stubborn areas, which start to go yellow and slowly die back.

Unfortunately, our summers seem to be getting hit with more periods of drought and higher temperatures. This puts a lot of stress on many grass types, like bluegrass, that have a shallow root system. When access to water is limited, and the soil dries up on top it is difficult to maintain a green lawn. So what are your options: 1) invest in a new sprinkler system to maintain an even flow of water for your lawn or 2) start looking for a new grass type for your lawn.

That is where our drought-beater seed mix can come into play. Drought beater is just a Tall Fescue variety of seeds. It isn’t something new to lawns but needs a new rebranding. Tall fescues are deep-rooted. Once mature, Drought Beater will have a 2-3 foot root system. That is six times the depth of bluegrass. The advantage of its deep root system is that it gives it more access to water and nutrients. Thus, less work for the homeowner to maintain it!

So are you asking why you have never heard of this variety until now? Until recently, Tall Fescues have been an “ugly” grass type. They are known to have extremely wide blades, sit extremely rigid, and have a non-uniform color. Much of these problems have been taken care of in Drought Beater. This mix looks like lawn-quality turf and your neighbors will be impressed how it stays greener longer into the summer while it battles with the high heat of summer.

This grass takes almost anything you throw at it, too! Do you have a dog that tears up the backyard? This grass can take that damage. Have heavy salt damage from the winter plow trucks? Yep, it can do battle with that, too. Do you tend to host the block parties and need something to handle all that rug-cutting? This is your answer!

All in all, Drought Beater makes for a beautiful lawn. It also can help you conserve water while doing it. So when you are thinking of reseeding or overseeding this summer, try to think of the entire seasonal cycle of your lawn and what it goes through. If you think it is time for a change, look no further than Drought Beater!

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